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Interview with Sviatoslava

1) When did you started to work as cam girl?
Almost one year ago.

2) What do you like working as cam girl?
The connection between me and the members, i love when we can have a great conersation and have fun together.

3) Can you remember the first time you saw your own image over a web camera? What was it like for you?
The irst interaction i had when i started camming but i get comfortable with the camera really quick

4) How much time you work daily?
I work 2 shifts a day so between 8-12 hours

5) Do you have some special preparation process?
A big smile and a good vibe is the only preparetion i need in my shows

6) What is your favorite outfit?
I love wearing classy outfits like heels, stockings, gartners etc.

7) Do you enjoy watching a pornography?
Not so much because i know it s a fake industry, but i love to give real pleasure to my clients

8) What inspires you the most?
I get inspired by other people s abitions and i always try to be the better verion of myself

9) Do your parents know that you are cam girl?
The answear is irrelevant, it won't change anything in my career if they know or they don't

10) What makes you uncomfortable during the show?
I hate being insulted or treated like I m not a human also

11) What roleplay do you enjoy the most?
Any kind of fantasy and complex rolepay, i love being challenged in new naughty ideas

12) What was the most bizzare thing someone asked you to do during the show?
Every human being it s so different, so i can't judge anybody for what they like, my normality can't be the same as yours maybe

13) How much you get really horny during the show?
Depends on what I am doing and the most important it s the member, if we have a good match i get horny easily

14) Did it happen to have a feelings for a clinet?
Yes, once

15) What is the most common request from your clients?
Just having a good time together ( strip,playing, oil shows, roleplay)

16) Did you have any embarrassment situations?
For sure everybody has once in life at least, but i can handle situations well so i get through hard situations easily

17) How old was your the youngest and your oldest client?
From 18-65, a really nice and clasy gentleman btw, i don t mind big age gaps, in the end age is just a number

18) Did you have a show with a female client?
Yes, and i enjoy girls also

19) Have you ever tried a live sex show?
No, i don t do couple shows

20) What is the most sluttiest thing you ever did in sex?
Every experience with a member it s different, so i don t have a precise answear for that, it s up to the client what they mean by ''sluttiest''

21) Do you like anal sex?
Yes, if my partner enjoy it also it s even better

22) Does size matters in real sex?
Feelings matter more than size

23) Where do you like to get a cum from a guy?
Wherever he likes also, i m open to new things

24) Have you ever sucked a really really big cock and how was the feeling?
I didn t had many sexual partners but all of my interactions were great, sexually speaking

25) What was the most unusual place you had sex?
I m a clasic so i don t like public places or unusual places

26) Do you like more rough or soft sex?
I like it combined, when we are both dom/sub at some point

27) Do you wear sexy stockings in sex?
Yes, i love dressing sexy for my partner

28) How many times have you had sex during a single day?
I belive it was 3 times, i usually like a good interaction not a lot and all bad

29) What is your sexual fantasy which you made?
I love soft BDSM, were i m tight or i have handcuffs

30) What is your sexual fantasy which you didn't make yet?
I fullfild many of my fantasies so my partner has to come with a good and new one to impress me, so i can't answear right now to that question

31) Would you go on a date with your client?
Yes, if we have a good connection why not?

32) Would you agree to spend a night with your client for money?
No, never

33) What would you change on yourself if you could?
I would like to have more patience with people

34) For how long do you plan to work as cam girl?
I think a few more years if everything goes fine

35) Would you record a short and hot video for your fans?
Sure, let me know what you enjoy in shows and i will try to be the best for you

  • Skype ID: live:.cid.1a452d08240c2604

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